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Find out how fit your program is

Loyalty Health Check Online Tool


With the Loyalty Health Check, we have developed an innovative online tool that allows you to assess the health of your program. By answering a few key questions, you can get an initial insight into how fit your program is compared to the industry standard and where you still have weak points in just a few minutes.


Based on your answers, your loyalty program will be classified into one of the following quality levels:

  1. Beginner Level: Your program is not performing and needs urgent help

  2. Intermediary Level: Your program is insufficient - it could be improved with a few simple steps

  3. Advanced Level: Your program works quite well, but needs some adjustments

  4. Rising Star Level: Your program looks promising - small adjustments and it's best-in-class

  5. Premium Level: Your program is Best-in-Class - congratulations!

The self-assessment shows where your programme stands and what you should improve. 

Try it out!

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