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Professional evaluation of program health



Based on the analysis of up to 12 key performance indicators, such as purchase activity (earn rate), share of elite status (tier allocation rate) or reward spend (burn rate), our premium assessment packages offer a customized and precise diagnosis of your program's health status.

We identify the levers your company should act on to improve the health & effectiveness of your program.


Use the health check to find out where the inner weaknesses of your program are hidden.


  • Service Excellence Loyalty Benchmark Report 2023

  • Exclusive Q&A call: get convenient advice from our team

  • All of BRONZE package

  • Bespoke Program Assessment

  • Benchmark: Gap analysis to industry KPIs

  • Diagnosis: SWOT-analysis

  • Recommendations: Levers on which to act

  • Results report and remote presentation



  • All of SILVER package

  • KPIs Dashboard 

  • Scenario simulation (tier qualification and incentive reward levels)

  • Business case and monetary impact analysis

  • Full analysis report

  • Remote or on-site presentation 



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