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In modern economies, more than 50% of companies run loyalty programs.


Whereas in the past a loyalty program was a differentiator, it has become a mere commodity today. 

However, these "loyalty myths" do still prevail: 


  • Just the fact of having a program in place is enough to retain customers and meet their expectations

  • Year-over-year growth comparison analysis is enough to prove the success of a program

What about your program?

At Loyalty Health Check, we believe that the true health of a program can only be demonstrated by screening its performance versus industry loyalty key performance indicators (KPIs) - taking into account industry specific aspects. Select one of the options below to check the health of your program.



We are a group of dedicated international experts who are passionate about loyalty marketing. We help increase member engagement and improve your program ROI according to our expertise, know-how and experience.


We believe that improving loyalty programs is imperative and more than needed in today's competitive market.



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Paul Smitton

CEO Asia Miles

There can be significant benefits from operating a successful loyalty program. And done well they can also be a significant cost item.

Is the cost-benefit equation right? This is an important question.

Similar to a car or a person, a loyalty program requires regular health checks based on industry standards and KPI comparisons - from the inside out.

Alexander Meili

Loyalty Executive

A loyalty program in itself is no longer a differentiator.
Almost every second company runs a program these days.
Are you sure that your program really works and is worth the investment?

Asha Mankowska

Marketing Expert

Customer loyalty is the holy grail of marketing.   
A healthy outside starts from the inside.

Robert Urech